6 Simple Sales Funnel Hacks To Convert

Do you ever wonder why your sales funnel doesn’t work as planned. The cost per customer is very high, conversion rate is low, making your sales funnel not profitable. Dan Kennedy once quoted “The Business That Can Spend The Most To Acquire A CustomerWins“. It is very important that you can spend at much as you can to obtain customer. For instance, you had a winning campaign that every dollar you put in, it will generates a profit of $3. Naturally, you will try to put all your money into the campaign to maximize your earning.

Soon, you realize that things doesn’t work out that way. Your profit does not 10x as you increase your ad budget by 10x. Don’t worry, this is very normal. As there is only this group of audience that you’re targeting with your ads. And, if you overspend in the ad high chance is you’ll end up showing to the same audience again and again which does not help.

Anyway, today we will focus on how to optimize our sales funnel so that we can convert as much as possible any lead that landed at our sales funnel. Let’s jump into Hack 1.

1. Add more curiosity to your headlines to increase conversions

In our past sales funnel and product, we had tested a lot of things in order to optimize the result. But one thing that we found interesting is from the book “The 4-Hour Workweek” by Tim Ferris. What is it special about this book?

The title. The title of a book works exactly the same as your page headline. The book “The 4-Hour Workweek” is talking about outsourcing your work. How to get the work outsourced and leverage on VA to pull you out from the business routine work. Let’s imagine, if the title of the book is “getting a VA” or “How to outsource your work”. Would it be better compared to the original title. Probably not. The title of this book give you the curiosity of how to work only 4 hour a week. But, having the same good result. It makes you can’t wait to read it.

In the headline, you always want to attract your audience by increasing their curiosity and hence, would like to find the answer in your sales letter. If the headline shows exactly what you wanted to offer, they might be just quit thinking that it’s some product/service that they encounter before. In our recent test, by changing the headline alone. The CPC is reduced by halved and the conversion is increased by 32.8%. With nothing changed, only the headline.

2. Create a lead magnet to grow your list

If you follow our blog, you will notice a few things. We always talk about building relationship with your target audience. A lead magnet is what we create as a bait in order to provide value for free in exchange with their contact details. Here we always make it simple. We only ask for name and email address so it won’t increase the resistance for them to provide.

A lead magnet is something easy to prepare, but providing much values. It can be a cheatsheet, list of tips, training videos, guide, report. Anything that is useful and won’t take much time for them to read. If you notice here, I don’t put in e-book here. From our experience, ebook tends to not as attractive as before nowadays. Instead of a long ebook, a cheatsheet or reports works better as it summarize what they can implement instantly.

If you’re serious about the lead magnet and how to build a lead funnel, I do recommend getting the lead funnels swipe file here. It costs only $7, but inside, there is detailed explanation & guides on how to create a lead funnel. Not only that, there is a compilation of high converting lead funnel swipe files. I believed you can too benefit from there.

3. Build Your sales page for optimum conversion

This is what we mentioned from the beginning on this post. Optimize the page for conversion. But what is the psychology behind this? To understand, we shall dig in about the buying behaviour. Always remember this, people don’t buy based on logic. They buy based on emotion and rationalize it with logic.

Take this example, why people buy a Ferrari or Lamborghini.

  1. How much HorsePower the car give?
  2. How fast the car can do from 0-100km/h
  3. The nice interior or exterior

No, it is because it feels cool to own a supercar. It’s a representation of status and the emotion you have owning it. Then, they will start rationalize it with the technical spec like the power, design, color and so on. This is same when we want to design our sales page. In short, we always start our sales page with emotion. Then follow with logic and last will be FOMO, fear of missing out. Or call to action.

Sample sales page design
Sample sales page design

By following this, you actually complete the psychology of pursuing the audience why they need to purchase it. And, remember this. Impulse buyers are what we want to grow our business. There is no point you make it a price war and end up not making enough to survive your business.

4. Offer an order form “Bump” to increase sales

This is my favourite part of the sales page. Why? Because it works and it’s the highest margin one. I first heard about the word order bump from Russell, and realises that I actually had been through this for many years without realizing it. Order bump is just like how a supermarket is being designed. On the way to the checkout counter, there is always small item before the queue, at the queue or even on the cashier counter. This small item usually doesn’t cost much and does not need much thinking before purchasing it. It like the chocolate bar, candy, mints near the checkout.

In ClickFunnels, it is very easy to add it to the checkout page before your confirmation button just like this. And from our past campaign, almost 1 out of 3 person actually bought that. And the coolest part, no extra work or cost needed to acquire the customer for the purchase.

Order bump sample
Order bump sample

5. Keep the buying loop open to identify hyperactive buyers

There is always some hyperactive buyers that will buy anything you do offer. They’re super passionate in the niche and in the hyperactive stage. Ready to purchase anything offered. Although yes, this people usually regret what they bought. But since they already purchased it, they will rationalize the decision with logic statement or reasons.

You never know this people exist in your audience. So, always keep the buying loop open, in case there is some hyperactive buyers that are ready to purchase more.

6. Create an “offer wall” to ascend buyers up your value ladder

This is mostly the last few page or even the at your thank you page. You have an offer wall underneath your thank you video that you do a quick recap on what offered throughout the funnel in case they missed anything.

This is useful as it will help to convert those who is standing on the fence to refresh and probably make a purchase. It does not take much time to create, but the result is lucrative. It’s a good to have at your final page.

If you would like to start building your sales funnels today, just to try out the item discussed. You can get a 14 days trial for ClickFunnels here together with tonnes of bonuses by Russell and my high converting funnel template ready to import to your ClickFunnels account.

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