How can I start email marketing?

What is email marketing?

For me, email marketing is just like a flyers that your receive in your mailbox or in the mall. This is another method information and offers is being distributed to the audience. However, flyer for example, usually end up in the trash as most of the audience doesn’t know you. Or, they don’t need your product/service. This is just like you’re selling baby products but the flyer reaching to a teenagers. Also, it can be someone who never heard about you before, and hence decided to throw it away.

Another way we, online marketer look at email marketing is like creating our own ATM machine. Every time we need to earn extra income or test a new product, we can tap into this group or audience instantly. Some even say that in average you’ll earn $1 from every contact you have monthly.

How can I improve my email marketing strategy?

Here I’ll separate into 3 main part for email marketing strategy.

Part 1: Building your attractive character.

Essentially you’ll need to have an attractive character, someone your target audience can relate. This is like a role model for them, but someone that they can relate. Someone that was in their current situation, and now transformed to what they want to be.

Part 2: The Soap Opera Sequence

Soap Opera Email Sequence for Email Marketing
Soap Opera Email Sequence

Soap Opera Email sequence is what you’ll be sending to your audience for the first 5 days after they join your email list. In day 1, you set the stage welcoming them into the list, and explain what to expect in the following few days. Keep it simple and open, so they’ll be looking forward for tomorrow email. Remember that in every email, keep the loop open and remind them to look for tomorrow email for the answer.

In day 2-4 would be telling a story about your transformation or your attractive character’s transformation. What obstacle or wall that you face in life, and after how hard you tried, but end up without any progress. Until you found this…. Emphasis on the benefit of the solution as well as the hidden benefit that might not realise. On day 5, the final day would be creating the urgency of the offer and call to action for them to decide and purchase.

Part 3: Daily Seinfeld Emails

Daily Seinfeld Emails for Email Marketing
Daily Seinfeld Emails

Daily Seinfeld email is basically NOTHING. Wait what? How can it be nothing? Isn’t it we shall be delivering valuable content in each email and make money? Right and wrong. This Daily Seinfeld Email is more to building relationship with your audience so they can connect with you more. Most of the time, it will be 90% entertainment & 10% content. You can start by talking about what happen in the day, what you did recently and so on. Make your email as natural as possible so that your audience won’t feel like you always push for sales only and neglecting them.

For all these 3 steps, you can get more details about each steps from Dotcom Secrets here. The book is free, you just need to pay for the shipping and handling fee.

What is the best email marketing service?

For email marketing, I always use GetResponse for all my campaign. I had tried some other email marketing platform as well, but some are not affiliate marketing friendly and without the workflow that I can visualize the email sequence. You can too get your free trial here to start experience it today.

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