How does a sales funnel work?

Sales funnel had been the big topic among online marketers for the recent years. But do we actually understand what is a sales funnels? How it can helps to grow or scale our business?

What is a sales funnel?

Sales funnel is a process/a series of steps that you guide through your customers to educate them to be a customers. In general, there are 4 steps in a sales funnels. Awareness, interest, decision, action.

4 Steps in Sales Funnel
4 Steps in Sales Funnel

In the first step, a visitor heard about you or your solution for the first time. You need to provide them with values and build relationship so they start to trust you and your product. Next, you provide them more benefits and features for your products that they need. And last, make sure they take action aka making the purchase. This might seem to be simple, but to put every piece of the puzzle together has never been easy. You need to be constantly testing and optimising the funnel to get the highest conversion rate. The cost per leads is very high nowadays. It is crucial to convert the most visitors to customers to cover your ads cost.

Why have a sales funnel?

As we mentioned earlier, the cost of getting a new visitor or obtain a new lead is very high nowadays. Therefore, we would need a process that guide them through our sales pages and at the same time gain trust. Let’s make it this way, unless you’re selling something unique, irresistible or you have huge fame. Why do a new audience choose to buy from you? There is no reason for him to buy from you unless he realises the benefit you can provide. A good sales funnel is the process to educate them. And the process is so efficient that you can eventually replace your staff with the system and automate your business.

Are sales funnels effective?

Yes, sales funnels are very effective. You can build different sales funnels for different products or niches. But you don’t need ten or hundreds of sales funnels to be successful. One of the quote from the founder of ClickFunnels also the slogan for ClickFunnels is “You’re one funnel away……..” This is actually true where you need only 1 optimised sales funnel to achieve most of your goals. In fact, ClickFunnels have a leaderboard and award called 2commaclub (,,) What 2 commaclub means is actually someone who managed to get $1,000,000 in sales through 1 single funnels. And in 2019, ClickFunnels actually had some overachiever which earn more than 2comma in 1 sales funnels. They 10x the process making over 10million dollars in a funnel. And for these people, we called them 2commaclubX winner.

To learn about how these people can get 2commaclub award, you can go ahead to here and check it out. And you can also check this page out where Russell Brunson explain the concept of one funnel away. You can also join the challenge and movement to build and launch your sales funnels in just 30 days.

Who Should Use Sales Funnels?

As quoted by Russell gave during the 10x conference, any business who needs to generate leads will need sales funnels. No matter if you’re agency/freelancer, selling information products, e-commerce, coaching/consulting, network marketing, local small business, B2B lead generation, blogging/affiliates, non-profit organisation. Basically, it sums up to every business need a sales funnels. As more business turns online, a good sales funnels will really make the difference when you’re competing with the world. You’re no more competing locally, but internationally. Like it or not, there might be some international player that targets your potential leads as well.

How do you develop a sales funnel?

In developing sales funnels, I always use ClickFunnels. If you read through this page, you sure know I talked a lot about Russell and ClickFunnels. I tried so many different platform out there to build my sales funnels in my entire online marketing journey. Things had never been so easy before I start using ClickFunnels in my business. Previously, I would need to engage my programmer, copywriter, web designer, data analytic guy in order to build my sales funnels. And the best thing, when all these people finally submit their work, I would need to review and comment. The process is awful.

But this ends when I discovered ClickFunnels. It is not another software platform to build sales funnels. But Russell and Jim also wrote a few books which teaches you all the knowledge to start and scale online. Here 3 books that I highly recommend anyone to read :

All these 3 books are FREE. You just need to cover the shipping & handling cost to get it shipped to you. Read it at least twice and digest all the information inside. This is where you learn how to grow and scale your business, both online and offline.

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This is the latest offer that ClickFunnels is having. This basically give you 2 weeks of trial for ClickFunnels for free. You need to enter your credit card details, but you won’t be charged until the free trial period is over. Most of us including myself had earn enough through ClickFunnels to cover the monthly fees within the trial.

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What you need to do is email us here after signing up for the trial and we will share you the funnels once confirmed on the subscription. Our target is to serve another 100 potential clients and focus on their growth. We believe your growth is more important than ours as we will grow together.

So, start working on your target now. Quick recap on the offers we mentioned above

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