What is Funnel Scripts ?

Funnel Scripts is a software where Jim Edwards and Russell Brunson shares his best draft scripts to create a compelling copy – a copy that engages the audience and converts them to take specific actions.

First of all why do I need a script?

A script is basically a sales letter that explained and sell your products through words. Each part of the word is designed carefully to ensure that you will follow their sales process. We call this skill copywriting skill. And, the guy who wrote that is a copywriter. However, we often neglect the importance of copywriting when building our sales funnel. You can have the best design and software to build it out. But if your sales letter sucks, people will still close the page without reading even 10% of it.

How can I improve my copywriting skills?

Since it is so important for this copywriting skill, how do I learn or improve my skill? Well, in Dan Lok YouTube videos, he categorised this as a high income skill that everyone shall master. You can check out his page and courses too. But alternatively, if you remember Jim Edwards, the guy we talked about in the beginning. He actually wrote a book called “Copywriting secrets“.

Copywriting secrets

There are total of 305 pages in this book where Jim shares 31 secrets for writing a good copy. Personally, I would recommend this book as it contains so much of info on how you can start developing your copywriting skill from scratch. Each secret is explained in details on how to do, together action plan to practice. And, not to forget, this book is currently free, you just need to pay shipping & handling fee to get it.

I do recommend everyone to get it, no matter are you doing online or offline. It explains how words can be used to get more sales and profits No matter what you sell or who you sell it to.

What is Funnel Scripts?

Funnel script on the other hand is a software, that helps to write sales copy & webinar content fast. All you need is just to tell the software about your niche, your product/service, your target audience. And all the Email Campaigns, Webinar Slides, Social Media Ads, Sales Letters, 5-Minute Scripts can be generated from the software.

To learn more about FunnelScript, you may join the free webclass from Jim Edwards & Russell Brunson here. You can access it here to test the headline generator scripts for FREE,

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