Why You Need Sales Funnels for Ecommerce – Shopify

We had talked about Sales Funnels in our previous post. But what about the actual implementation? In this series of post, I’ll introduce how sales funnels can be used for different industries and purposes. Today, we will start with Sales Funnels for Ecommerce. We will first talk about the hottest ecommerce platform, Shopify and how it can works with Sales Funnels.

What is Shopify?

Shopify is a subscription to a software service that offers you to create a website and use their shopping cart solution to sell, ship and manage your products. It is a all in one platform with multiple of apps to add on functions to your ecommerce store.

While Shopify is excellent to build your own ecommerce store fast, there is a big problem for beginner to convert on Shopify site. The reason is the low conversion rate for Shopify store. In average, the benchmark conversion rate for Shopify store is 1.75%. Which means you’ll only be getting 1.75 sales for every 100 visits and Shopify is recommending for 200 store visits before getting first sales.

Although these values are not typical, but it seem pretty bad if the conversion rate is just 1.75%. You would need to test and optimize every single element of your store to make more sales.

For me, Shopify works very well as ecommerce store where I have a catalog for my products and send my existing customer to my store whenever I have new collections or products. But for a totally new store, I would prefer using sales funnels to increase the conversion rate and cart value.

What is a sales funnel ecommerce?

A sales funnels for Ecommerce can effectively guide your visitors through your sales process. Typically, a visitor will be led to a landing page, which normally we will promote a lower price point product or a free gift in order to build trust and relationship with them in exchange with their contact information (normally name and email). Next, they’ll need to key in their credit card information and shipping address so that we can process the order.

However, the next page after they confirm the order will not be the thank you page. Instead, we will upsell them to some other complement products. For example, if you’re selling a supplement. You can have a free report or cheatsheet for living a healthier lifestyle that you give for free as your lead magnet. Then in the second page, you can start introducing your supplement product. If they’re interested to order, collect their order information. In the next page, you may order them additional bottle of the supplement they bought in previous page, but with better offer.

This is a psychology trick that you can play with. Normally, they will think that this special offer is very attractive and consider the deal. But what if they decided not to buy? We can offer a downsell for them by offering some cheaper item. You can have 2-3 upsells in your funnel, it is absolutely fine. But don’t overuse this, they will get annoyed and close the webpage directly. Your final page will be a thank you page and order confirmation page. But please remember, you don’t want to list down all the item they purchased here. Else, they might regret and ask for a refund.

Sample Sales Funnels for Ecommerce
Example for Ecommerce sales funnel

But how can we build sales funnels for ecommerce fast?

Can you use ClickFunnels with Shopify?

For this, we always use ClickFunnels for building sales funnels. There are lots of website builder out there which can also build a professional sales funnels. But how ClickFunnels had simplified the process of creating a sales funnel and the support from the Funnel Hacker Community is what you can’t get elsewhere.

ClickFunnels enable you to import a proven to work sales funnels from day 1 and you just need to modify the page to suit your product. Next, ClickFunnels also provide 14-days trial which you can access to the full account for free for 14 days. If you decided to leave you may do so anytime within the trial period, and nothing will be charged.

To get the 14days trial, you may click here. You will get tonnes of additional value from this trial compared to only the software trial. You’ll also get free sales funnels consultation for your sales funnels for 30 days from me if you sign up here.

But if you’re totally new, and only have $100 dollar to spare to start, I’ll really suggest to get the “One Funnel Away” challenge by ClickFunnels where Russell Brunson himself together with 2 of his top coach with guide you through the 30 days process to build your first online business. I had gone through the process myself and found that it’s extremely useful. Not only me, but everyone who had gone through the challenge enjoy the process and transformation within 30 days only. So, go get it now as the next challenge starting soon.

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