About Us

Let me share with you my journey online. Life was tough and I had been on my 9-5 jobs for over 5 years. But, in fact, the working life was more like 9am-9pm daily. Life really bad that time as I had near to no time for my families. And my kids always complain that they seldom see me at home as I needed to go out to work before he woke up and when I came back home, he already went to bed. Not to forget, my wife was complaining as well for lack of time at home.

Then one day during my work, I got a call from Success Resources, an event company that focuses on self help event. I was invited for a 2-hours free seminar session about making money online. So it was a Wednesday evening that I left my office early and join the event. Honest speaking, the session was more to an introductory session for a high ticket 3 days workshop. But it was an eye opening session that introduce me to another way of earning online. The business model is Affiliate Marketing. 

I understand the struggle of wokring hard without a proper guide when starting this journey. And hence, created this platform to guide other online marketers to start their journey online without needing to go through the struggles I had. Here, I’ll be sharing on 4 main business model online. Affiliate marketing, sales funnel creation, website creation and e-commerce. 

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