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How To Build A Profitable WordPress Website in 2022

It depends on how you want to answer this question and your technical level. There are several ways How To Build A Website. For instance, 10-20 years ago, the best way to build a website will most probably to hire a programmer/coder and a web designer to code your website in HTML and CSS code. But wait, do people still doing the old school way now? Obviously yes. Some people still custom code their website as they want some custom features or simplified the code of their website so it loads faster.

Typically, you will be facing thousands of lines of code. Run and debug until you get all the bugs fixed. And sometimes, it might take hours or even days to just debug one small mistake. It probably is just a small format error.

So, How To Build A Website nowadays. It depends on what type of website you want to build. For instance, a website like this is built on Self-Hosted WordPress. If you’re not familiar with WordPress, basically WordPress offers a free & paid version where you run your website with WordPress. You just handle the content. And, if you’re just operating a small blog site, without any e-commerce functionality, then the free WordPress site is good to go.

Why Using Self-Hosted WordPress

A Self-Hosted WordPress will give you more control and functionality over your website. For instance, a free WordPress.com website will have a limited storage space of 3GB with additional plans available for higher storage space. But for a self-hosted WordPress site, you can plan your resource in advance when you rent your hosting. And you can also expand it anytime if you’re using cloud hosting or shared hosting. And for instance, Bluehost, one of the biggest and the best web hosting companies as suggested by WordPress itself only charges $3.95 per month.

Bluehost Plan Comparison

You’ll be getting 50G storage space together with a 1st-year domain for free. Not only that, but they also provide 24/7 support and upgradability for a higher package when you required it. So you can always start with the basic one, and upgrade when your business grows. To get started today, click the button below and check out the exclusive 50% off deal now.

Not only that, but if you would like to start running your e-commerce store, you can also do it by adding the WooCommerce plugin to the WordPress site to add the e-commerce cart and checkout function to your site.

Using Other Website Builder Platforms

Although you can practically build any site on WordPress, there are some other platforms out there that make it even easier to build websites or landing pages easily. These platforms, of course, charge more for the unique solutions and functions that they offer. And here, I would like to share a platform that I personally used the most for building my e-commerce site.

What is Shopify

Shopify is a platform where it focuses on building an e-commerce store. Dropshipping is one of the most famous business models on Shopify. A dropshipping business model means you focus on getting sales, and you only order from your supplier after someone bought from your store.

And Shopify had made it so easy that, you can build a fully functional e-commerce store in just under 30 mins. We did a challenge previously for building a Shopify store from scratch, which includes registering a new account up to a completed store with products imported and ready for checkout.

You can start playing with it by clicking the button above. The basic package starts from $29/month. But if you need some help or guidance to start, you can always contact us. Read our Full Shopify Review here.

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