How to Generate Leads for Insurance Agent using Sales Funnel

How to Generate Leads for Insurance Agent using Sales Funnel

Like what Russell Brunson, the founder of ClickFunnels says. ClickFunnels can be used by all businesses. In the main page for ClickFunnels, there is this simple survey quiz for which business you’re in. Today, we’re going to discuss about how to use ClickFunnels For Insurance Agent

Basically, it covers most type of business. But why is it so? How come ClickFunnels is applicable for all type of business. You see, what’s the most important thing for a business to grow and sustain?

Sales and new customers.

And this is what ClickFunnels does. The sales process that Russell introduces is called sales funnel and ClickFunnels is the tool that builds the entire sales funnel. The funnel starts with 2 steps lead funnel that, first page collect leads and followed by a thank you page.

2 steps lead funnels

How ClickFunnels For Insurance Agent

As an insurance agent, the most important to have unlimited leads that you can contact and make sales from. But one of the problem is, every single insurance agent out there is trained the same way. Given the same information and trained by the same techniques.

But wait, what’s your difference and why people want to buy from you.

Here is where ClickFunnels come in. Instead of cold calling, you can implement digital marketing strategy to reach your target audience and collect their contact details. By doing this, you don’t waste your time cold calling or entertaining your “potential leads” which may have no interested at all at your product. Instead, you’re not targeting at customers that already shows interested in what you’re offering.

This is what we call pre-qualified step. You first target interested audience through ads, and then pre-qualify them through 2 steps lead funnel. Here, only those who really interested to what you offer will enter their details. While the rest, you don’t need to waste time converting them, as it will have more resistance to convert someone that is not interested.

After this, you can start sending email to them and share your value and product with them. The entire process can be automated through an autoresponder. You can read more about an autoresponder here.

How Can You Build the Funnel?

To build the funnel, we always use ClickFunnels. Not to say the other platforms doesn’t work. But ClickFunnels provides the simplicity of drag and drop in building sales funnel. There are tonnes of ready made templates inside which is pre-built and you can import to your account with just a click.

Not only that, if you signup to ClickFunnels through any link in this blog, I’ll share you some pre-built proven to convert template that you can implement it instantly.

Another awesome thing for ClickFunnels is their community. The Funnel Hacker community is very supportive and has basically covering all fields. And for additional motivation, there is a 2-comma-club award by ClickFunnels for every funnel that had processed over $1 million. You can check the award winner list at 2commaclub.com

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