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How To Create A Logo For Your Business Without Design Experience

A logo is very important for a business. You might not realize how it can change your business, but it is a graphical representation of your business. A logo is very important in building a brand for your business. It is not necessary to know How To Create A Logo as you can outsource it on Fiverr.

Logo Generator Tool – Hatchful

And today, we’ll be talking about how to generate a logo for your website. The tool we’re going to use is called Hatchful by Shopify.

Types of templates Hatchful Provides

You shall first decide the type of business you’re starting and then brainstorm your business name. Then, simple select the business space and design you want. Choose your style and here you go.

For example, these are some of the logo generated from Hatchful.

Logo sample from Hatchful

Alternatively, if you want to get a more personalized logo, you can get one from Fiverr at just $5.

We already highlighted the importance of logo for businesses and how you can get it. There is no secret or excuse for not getting one. Even if you’re not willing to pay for the service, there is several other platforms that able to generate logos via free templates.

Other tool – Canva

For example, we also use Canva to create graphics. Not only logo, but also covers, featured image and social media post. Don’t forget to check it out as an alternative options.

Canva is great for fast design and most of the graphic in this website is actually created from Canva. In Canva, you can create social media post for both Facebook & Instagram with lots of pre-built sample you can modify from. Not to forget, there is a paid option for Canva Pro plan that includes some premium designs and features.

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