How To Use Elementor with WordPress

So we have got our hosting and domain ready for our new WordPress site, so what’s next? Do we want to stick to the classic web builder that WordPress have? Or something that can make our life much easier? Here we will discuss what is Elementor and How To Use Elementor with WordPress.

As a beginner without any technical background or experience in building a new website, the best way to start is to model something proven to work. Which in some of the cases, a template.

How To Use Elementor with WordPress to build a page

First of all, let me be very clear about Elementor. It’s free to use the app, but with pro options that you cost you a monthly charge for a different plan.

Plans for Elementor

If you’re using it for your own, you can choose either the personal or plus plan. Both give you all the pro functions, but just the number of sites is limited. And if you’re planning to build for your clients, then it will be best to take the Expert plan.

Taking about the free plan, we have a comparison about both plan below:

Elementor Free vs Pro Comparison

For the free plan, you’ll be getting the 30 basic widgets which are enough to build normal webpages. But if you would like to have more functions like forms, Sticky header, Dynamic Colors, Price widgets, and WooCommercce Widgets these will be available in the pro options.

Demo On Elementor Free Plan

Here I had a short recording on the templates and blocks available for Elementor. A short guide to show how easily you can build a page using Elementor.

Also, below is another demo which we build an entire page in Elementor with just drag and drop, and then adding in the content.

Elementor Demo

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