How Changing Mindset Changed My Life

A few months ago I had joined the One Funnel Away Challenge by ClickFunnels. The challenge is all about a 4 weeks training to build or grow your business online. However, there is also another one important element that Russell did include in the training. The Pre-Training week. In this, I learned about How Changing Mindset Changed My Life

What’s the Pre-Training Week about?

In the pre-training week, it is created to prepare your mindset to steer towards your goals. To succeed in anything, one of the most important thing is to set the right mindset and believe that it can be done. Without the self belief, there is nothing that you can succeed.

5 weeks training for One-Funnel-Away Challenge

In fact, it is so important that it takes 1 week for Russell to talk about the belief. Without that, you won’t be determined enough to complete the 4 weeks training daily. You will need perseverance and determination in order to make commitment to take 2 hours every day to complete daily task given. To know more about the One Funnel Away challenge you can read our review here. One Funnel Away Challenge Honest Review

If you decide to take the leap and start the training, you can join the challenge now. Next challenge starts 3rd May.

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