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How Social Media Fits Within Your Sales Funnel

Social media has always been a good way to search and interact with your target audience. It’s a place where your target audience already congregates in groups. It’s where you direct traffic to your websites or sales funnel. For instance, you are in a health niche, you can get lots of Facebook groups or hashtags in the niche where you can tap in and interact with your target audience. But that’s not all.

You need to build your trust and authority within your profile so when people want to check out your backgrounds, they can. You really should take some time to optimize your profile page as it acts as your first landing page when people want to check it out.

Awareness and Traffic

Your post and ad is the first impression to create awareness and direct traffic to your landing page or websites. So, don’t get it wrong and overcomplicate it. The best conversion or sales pitch always happens somewhere on your sales page. Here you need to let them be aware of your business, and click the link to enter your landing page

Always remember, this is the entry point of your funnel and the initial goal is always to attract website visitors to your website and build an audience in the cheapest possible way. Your goal here is to influence more people to share your content and by promoting it with ads. An engagement ad is a good start to promote your posts and get more credibility via likes, shares, and comments. This is where you target a cold audience to show them your business.

For a warm or hot audience, it’s mostly the group of people who know you and your product/service. And is most likely to make a purchase from you. For this, we will focus on conversion ads to maximize the conversion rate of our ads. After the audience pass through the qualify stage in the cold audience ads, we can move them into the warm or hot audience stage.

Do remember this, different people and in different stages, people require a different message to converts best. Try different messages and angles for cold, warm, and hot audiences.

Generating Leads (lead magnets for sales funnel)

Now from your ads, you want to collect their details and store them in your list. This is one of the most important parts of the entire funnel. We want to have access to this group of people instantly when we want to promote them with new products. Not to pay again for them to see our ads, but to also push promotion products to them.

Lead magnets is something we often as frontend products to get people into our sales funnel. It can be a free stuff or a low ticket products for $1 or $5. Why we charge low value sometime is to qualify the audience, making sure they will take the effort taking out their credit cards and fill in the form. This group of people will have a higher tendency of buying our products in the futures compared to those wanted free stuff only.

Typically a lead magnet can be something ranging from free ebook, cheatsheet, guides, video training. Something that they will need and can provide instant results for them. Making it easy for them to decide and get it from you.

To learn everything about the lead funnel and how to create your lead magnet easily, you can get this cheat sheet here. Else, there is a free 5 days lead challenge to teach you how to generate more leads for your business.


One thing most entrepreneurs missed out is that they don’t have a brand ambassador in their business. They thought only big business needs that. But this is totally wrong. Compared to generic photos and products/services only, it is very important that you have an iconic personnel. Someone that can represent your business.

As nowadays, anyone can start an online business easily, it is very important that you create an attractive character in your business. Someone that your audiences/fans can easily sync with, to share your message and vision out. This will certainly increase your engagement rate and trust of your business, and conversion rate for your sales funnel.

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