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How To Add Images To ClickFunnels

Image is one of the important elements that you need to have in your sales funnel. Company logo, background, featured image, and product photos all need to be included on your page to present to your customers. In this post, we will be teaching how to add images to ClickFunnels.

If you need some stock images, you can get them from sites like pixels, Pixabay, Unsplash, or Shutterstock. And for the logo, you can either outsource to Fiverr or create it yourself at platforms like Canva.

Now, to start this training, you will need:

  1. An active ClickFunnels Account
  2. A ClickFunnels Page

Step 1: Edit you page in the funnel

ClickFunnels Funnel Steps Page

Step 2: Select the place you need to add the image

First, you click on the add new element button on the page editor.

Next, from the menu, select the image from the element list.

Add image element

Step 3: In the Image setting, upload your image

Then, you need to click on the image setting button and upload your image to ClickFunnels to be used.

Clickfunnels upload image

Step 4: Adjust the setting for the image.

In this section, we can modify the image width and height. Also, we can have a link URL for the image, so when someone clicks on the image it can be directed to another page or actions.

ClickFunnels image setting

Step 5: Test your image

For the last part, we’ll save the page and test it out.

Video tutorial

Same as usual, we had recorded a full step-by-step tutorial for How To Add Images To ClickFunnels. You can refer it below:

ClickFunnels add image

Compared to the text-only page, the image will add more attractiveness to your page. People will remember an image easier than text. Having a good relevant image will make your page viral and attracts more visitors.

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