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How To Add Video To A ClickFunnels Page

Video is a great way to convey your message. As we see from the latest statistic, people consume more video content nowadays. Not to say the conventional sales letter is not useful. But a combination of both will have the best on both sides. For example, you might need to add your Video sales letter, thank you video or tutorial video in your sales funnel. In this post, we will be sharing on How To Add Video To A ClickFunnels Page.

What you need:

  1. An active ClickFunnels account
  2. A sales funnel page
  3. Video to be added

Step 1: Open the page you want to add in the video

ClickFunnels Funnel Steps page

Step 2: Add new element and select video element

ClickFunnels add new element

First you need to click the add new element button at the place you need to put the video. Then, select the video element from the list at the right hand side. Just like the image below:

ClickFunnels Add video

Step 3: Copy your video link to the setting

Then, you can select the video source you need from the dropdown list. You can choose from YouTube, Vimeo, Wistia, EasyVideoSuite, HTML5 or custom embed.

Add image from different platforms

Step 4: Configure the setting for video.

In this step, there are several settings that you can configure, including autoplay, control, branding, pause, and width/height

ClickFunnels Video Setting

Step 5: Test your video in the preview page

The final step is to test your video on the page after you add in and save the page.

Sample page with video

We also have a full step by step video guide here for How To Add Video To A ClickFunnels Page for you to refer.

ClickFunnels Add Video

Video is a great tool to interact with your audiences and can effectively increase your conversion rate and sales. ClickFunnels on the other hand is a tool that allows business owners to build and integrate different elements into landing page/sales funnels easily.

To learn more about starting and growing your business online, it is highly recommended that you take the One Funnel Challenge. We had a complete review of the challenge here.

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