How To Clone A Funnel In ClickFunnels

Today, we will be talking on How To Clone A Funnel In ClickFunnels with just a few clicks. You can use the funnels cloned for split testing your funnel elements or for new campaign.

When you build a good funnel, you want to duplicate it and use it in your next campaign. Or you just want to make it as a starting point for building a new funnel.

How To Clone Funnel – ClickFunnels

Now, to start this training, you will need:

  1. An active ClickFunnels Account
  2. A Funnel in ClickFunnel

Step 1 : Get into the funnel you want to clone

Now, navigate to the best funnel that you want to clone. I will use this as an example.

Funnel in ClickFunnels

Step 2 : Click The Setting Button On the Top Right

Then, select the setting button on the top right.

Setting in ClickFunnels

Next you will see this setting page, where you can configure for the funnel name, domain and path. There are also 2 most important button on the top right. The share funnel and clone funnel.

Funnel Setting for ClickFunnels

If you would like to share your funnel as a bonuses for your clients, you can use the share funnel feature. It will give you a url that you can paste or share it anywhere. When someone click on the link, the entire funnel will be imported to their account.

ClickFunnels Share Funnel Link

Now, after we click the clone funnel link, the system will automatically clone and create a new funnel in your funnel list.

New funnel Creation

And when you click on the funnel name, you will find the exact funnel you just cloned in it.

Video Tutorial

ClickFunnels Clone Funnel


Clone funnel is one of the very useful function for ClickFunnels where you can immediately duplicate the entire funnel for other products or campaign.

Shared funnel on the other way, is efficient to share it to your friends or clients and even to be used as a bonus if you’re promoting ClickFunnels under it’s affiliate program.

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