How To Get Free ClickFunnels Account

As the cost per lead increases, it’s very hard to make it profitable online if your conversion rate is low. Unless your company is VC-backed or having tonnes of money to burn before making profits, it is very hard if you’re building a website for that. A website is having so many buttons and links navigating around, the experience is uncontrollable. You had no guidance on where to go and what you’re selling. They’re just wandering around without any goal. Today, we will be talking about how to get a Free ClickFunnels Account.

This is very bad as we want them to spend their money. We had either spent money on ads or efforts on other traffic source to bring them here. So if they left without leaving any contact info or making any purchase, it will be total loss.

In order to increase our sales process, we use a sales funnel. A sales funnel on the other hand, is a series of pages that is designed to guide the visitor step by step through your sales process, making sure that they click on which button and persuade them to make a purchase.

For example, in our first step on the sales funnel, we will collect their contact details such as name, email address, phone numbers, FaceBook Messenger contact. All these are very useful for future marketing. Even if they don’t buy from you the first time, you can follow up with them through these different channels and get them to convert.

How To Create A Free ClickFunnels Account

Actually, it’s not fully free anyway, here, I’ll be teaching you how to get onto their 14-days Free ClickFunnels Account trial so you can start using it and build your sales funnel. Click the button below and you’ll be directed to ClickFunnels main page.

Now, you’ll need to enter your contact details and your payment details to start the trial. Don’t worry about the payment details. Although it is required to register for a trial account, you’ll not be charged if you cancel anytime within the free trial period.

The Starter Plan starts with $97/month fees for a maximum of 20 funnels, 100 pages, and a maximum of 20,000 visitors. However, there is an advanced plan where you can create unlimited funnels, landing pages, and an unlimited number of visitors. This will cost $297/month.

But wait, it’s only free for 14-days, what about a permanently free account?

Well, you need to do some work to get there. At the end, there is some cost for that, and here we’re talking about work but not money.

How To Make Money With ClickFunnels Affiliate Program

We had talked about ClickFunnels Affiliate in full details here, so we will only be focusing on the how and what you can achieve with it here.

Remember the price point of $97/month for basic plan. This is our goal to earn from the affiliate program so ClickFunnels will pay for our plan.

ClickFunnels is paying up to 40% commissions for each subscriber you refer to it. And, as long as the user stays subscribed to ClickFunnels, you’ll be getting the monthly recurring revenue paid to you by ClickFunnels. But I would like to be honest with you here, the affiliate commissions starts with 30% when you’re a beginner and will increased to 40% once you reach certain numbers.

So, back to our calculations. In order to cover the $97/month subscription fee, all you need is just to sign up 3-4 subscribers to ClickFunnels and ensure them stay subscribed. Now, is it hard? Not really, since ClickFunnels is a very useful for all types of business, it is quite easy for you to find someone who needs it. And all you need to do is to shine the light on it and show them what ClickFunnels can do. At the end, marketing is converting a maybe to a yes. Never try to change a no to yes as most of the time it is harder to do.


If you haven’t take action and get the 14-days Free ClickFunnels Account trial above, click here now to claim it. In the end, nothing to lose for trying it out. There are so many successful entrepreneurs that already earned millions through the platforms, so why not giving it a try.

At the end here, not to forget also, there is an even for two comma club live, coming up soon. 2 comma club is an award for those business owners who had processed over 1,000,000.00 using ClickFunnels. Hence, it called the 2 comma club. You can access the free event here for the virtual conference.

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