Smart Instagram Content Creation

How To Create Content For Instagram Even If You Never Done Before

3 main types of contents are shared daily. Text, image, and video. While videos are the most viewed and shared nowadays, image and text can helps to convert for different platform as well. Today, we will be focusing on How To Create Content For Instagram that you can share on other social media as well.

How To Create Content Via Canva

First of all, you can start with a free Canva account. Where you can access to their template library, access to the content. However, there is also a pro version that you can access to all the premium graphics and other features.

We had done a short tutorial video on how to create content on Canva below. You can also start creating it today. Just show your creativity To Create Content For Instagram

How To Get Unlimited Image To Post

When we talk about this, we need to be very careful about the image source. We will not want to get into legal cases due to copyright infringement or any trouble for sharing licensed image.

What we are talking about here is a stock image or we call royalty-free image. While companies like Shutterstock offers premium memberships or pay per image, there are some free websites that you can download royalty-free stock image for free.

Here are a few websites that offers good quality stock image:


While you may find some of the other websites out there that offer similar services, these are a few that we used. In the next post, we will teach how to get more posted on Instagram or Facebook without spending much time doing it every day.

To generate great content is the best and only way to interact with your followers and grow your followings in social media. Start designing and be better everyday.

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