How To Integrate GetResponse With ClickFunnels

Today we’ll be walking through how to integrate Getresponse with ClickFunnels. We can enjoy the benefits of both platforms. ClickFunnels offers email marketing features in the platinum package, but not for the basic plan users. Moreover, ClickFunnels is an effective sales funnels building tool.

However, Getresponse is a professional email marketing tool. Although it had recently added some landing page building features. But, still not perfect as compared to ClickFunnels. To integrate between both platforms, you will need an active ClickFunnels account and an active Getresponse account.

Step 1: Login to GetResponse

First, login to your GetResponse Account. And navigate to the top left of the dashboard. In the dropdown menu, select Integrations and API.

GetResponse Dashboard

Step 2: Generate the API key

Next, click on the API tab and generate a new API for the integration.

Generate a new GetResponse API key

Step 3: Login to your ClickFunnels account

Now at your ClickFunnels dashboard, go to the top right and click Account Settings.

ClickFunnels dashboard

Step 4: Select Integrations

ClickFunnels Account Setting

Step 5: Select Add new integrations

Add new integration ClickFunnels

Step 6: Insert the API key

Now, remember we generated the API key in GetResponse. Copy and paste it here.

API key integration

Step 7: Verify the integration

To verify the integration, we will need to go into the funnel editor. Here, we will link the new GetResponse integration to test it.

GetResponse with ClickFunnels Integration Success
GetResponse with ClickFunnels Integration Success

Video Guide

GetResponse Integration

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