How To Use Sales Funnel For Network Marketing

Today we will be talking about how to use sales funnel in your network marketing business. Most of the new network marketers, don’t see it as a business. They just want to sell and get instant without thinking about continuity.

A good network marketing business should instead have a clear strategy of how to identify your customer type and having a system in place for recruitment.

For instance, we will have 2 different sets of systems for buyers and opportunity seekers. Buyers are those who wanted to just buy and use the product while opportunity seekers are those who wanted to just sell the product and earn money. And there is also the third group that is both using the product and selling it.

For these people, they will go through different sales funnel.

Sales Funnel For Buyers

Sales Funnel For Network Marketing Buyer

In this sales funnel, we first start with getting traffic/visitors to our sales page. A sales page works to convince the customer to make a purchase. Then they will confirm the order and next, we will show them some upsell items. These upsell items can be the same products but with quantity discounts or some complementary products that will work best with your main product.

On your thank you page, you can have them opt-in to your subscription service where you will send them the product automatically every month so that they won’t run out of supply. Or if you have other products or services to offer, you can list it out all there in case they want to check it out.

If you do notice, we also have the email sequence after the order form page. The reason for this is that if someone visited our page and left, we can always email them to persuade them to complete their purchase. And of course, all these can be done automatically through systems. You just need to make sure to get enough traffic to flow into your funnel.

Sales Funnel For Sellers

Sales funnel for recruitment

For this group of people, our approach will be different. And I’ll suggest hosting a webinar to introduce them to the opportunities. In the webinar, you can tell your story with the network marketing company such as how you were before joining the company, and what’s your transformation during the journey, and finally, you reach where you’re now.

I saw a lot of the network marketers always talk about their products, how good are the products, the benefits of the products, and so on. But let’s ask yourself, what makes you join the company? Typically, all network marketing company will have their star products that work magically. So, what’s the difference and what’s the point to persuade someone to join you instead of others is your story. Something they can relate to and transformation they can see.

If they can’t decide to join the webinar or decide to opt-in to your offer, always follow up with them on email sequence.

How to Build Sales Funnels for Network Marketing

To build a network marketing sales funnel is rather simple nowadays. There is no technical knowledge required. All you need to know is drag and drop. And if you’re not familiar with web design, you can always grab the free pre-built templates and customize them based on your business.

See how we built the entire webinar registration funnel below in just 10 minute, with the pre-built template.

But in order to do that, you shall have a ClickFunnels account. We build all our sales funnel on ClickFunnels.

Then, watch closely the short clip below where we demonstrate how to build the entire funnel from scratch.

Network Marketing Funnel Guide

You can see from the video, it is very easy to build the entire funnel out in ClickFunnels, but I suggest, the best is you experience it yourselves.

I can share some of my best-optimized funnels with you together with some ad swipes collected from top marketers if you decide to join and subscribe to ClickFunnels.

Not to forget also, the network marketing secrets book which is offered for free now. You just need to help cover the shipping and handling cost

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