Sales Process Automation

How To Automate Sales Process For Livestream

When we build a business, the most important thing is to be able to collect and trace our customer’s payment. This can be achieved through sales process automation. You only need to focus on getting enough traffic to your live stream and give your sales pitch. The rest will be handled by the automated funnel. Else, you can also run ads to the sales funnels as well.

There are many people who sell through live streams nowadays, but their lack is a sales system. They’re tracking the order manually. This might leads to wrong delivery when the order number increases. They will also need a system to follow up and increase the cart value.

Instead, you should build a dedicated sales funnel with a series of pages for the potential customers to go through. You introduce your product and give your sales pitch in the live stream. Then, direct them to click the link and the pinned comment. From there, they will be directed to your landing page. And, this is very important as you can have lots of different cross-sell and upsell in your sales funnels.

Sales Process Automation – Step by Step

If it were for me, my sales process will be like this. From the live stream, I’ll have different sales funnel to be built for each product as the product value ladder will be different.

Sales Process Automation
Sales Funnel for Live Stream

For instance, I’ll be collecting their details on the landing page through a 2-steps order form. I’ll add them to my email list for further follow-up. Well, sometime people might have some emergencies and leave the page without completing the purchase. We call this group of people “hot traffic”. They know about our products and offers and is ready to take action and make the purchase. We just need to follow up and give better offers and reminders for them. This is so they will take out their credit cards and make the purchase.

Then, on the next page, we can offer them a One time offer (OTO). The product offers here can either a complimentary product or more of the same products with better deals.

For example, one of the products that we’re promoting – Organifi. In Organifi, they’re offering 3 different bundle options, 1 bottle, 3 bottles, and 6 bottles on their landing page. Then on the upsell page, they offer another 3 or 6 bottles for a cheaper price per bottle. And last, they’ll offer a monthly recurring plan. The customers will pay monthly fees and get the juice delivered to them every month.

How Do We Build The Sales Funnel?

For this, we will be using ClickFunnels to build the entire sales funnel and integrate with third-party autoresponder platforms like GetResponse to build our email marketing system. If you haven’t heard about ClickFunnels, you can register for 14-days free trial here.

ClickFunnels New Funnel Dashboard

On the dashboard of ClickFunnels, there are 3 options. Collect emails, sell products and host webinar. For this funnel, we’ll be using the sell the product template.

Funnel steps in ClickFunnels

You can see from the picture on top, once we selected the funnel template, ClickFunnels will create the entire funnel with all the required steps. For this sales funnel that we’re going to build, we will be only keeping 3 steps instead of 5. We will be combining the squeeze page, sales page, and order form into 1 page by using a 2-steps order form. Then, the funnel steps followed by order confirmation page for upsell offer and last a Thank you page. Below, is a 2-steps order form templates from ClickFunnels.

2-steps order form page

You see here, the sales page and order form, together with the optin form are all integrated into this page. We just need to customize it based on our products and it is ready to launch.

Upsell Page in ClickFunnels

Next, we’ll be adding products into the order confirmation page. This page needs to be clear and no-brainer. You can see from the page below, it is a yes & no questions for them to answer. If they click yes, they will be auto-billed based on the credit card information they enter in the first page.

OTO page in ClickFunnels

Order Confirmation & Thank You Page in ClickFunnels

And our last step, the thank you page. In this thank you page, our aim is to let those hyper buyers to make more purchases and link back to our business. For example, if you have other products or an ecommerce site, you can direct them to there below your confirmation information. Or if you’re using social media only, you can urge them to follow or subscribe to your page. Here you can offer them some exclusive discount to motivate them to take the action.

Thank You Page

Now you’ve your sales funnels fully built, time to test it out. Start your live stream now. But this time, instead of manual capturing those customers’ details, send them over to this sales process. I’m sure that you will see the different.

Not only that by having a sales process automation, you can save much of your time and staff effort but getting bigger return.

Summary – How to build sales process automation

Sales process automation is very important for every business, so you can duplicate more salesman in your business. You as a boss doesn’t need to be there all the time to run the business.

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