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What is Lead Funnel & How To Build One

Lead funnel aims to bring in new leads for your business. Every business needs lead, no doubt about that. New leads are required for every business to sustain and grow. If you want your business to grow, you need to make sure to have new leads that can be converted into regular paying customers. Let’s see how it is done.

1. What is a lead?

Different people will have a different understanding of leads. It is clear that a lead is a prospect that you defined and could be nurtured into potential customers. Lead management is so important that in big corporate, they’re implementing this lead to cash techniques to help tracking leads and the process of nurturing the leads to opportunities and converting them to sales.

However, it is very important to take note that not every lead is the same.

A lead can be someone that saw your product and is interested in your freebies and leave their contacts. Or you can pre-qualify them with a no brainer low ticket item deal where you sell them something for $1. Never think that $1 is too little for this test. It actually means a lot in qualifying leads as even it is $1, it is a transaction.

2. What are lead funnel?

We talked a lot about marketing funnel here and different funnels to be implemented for different goals. Today, we’ll be focusing on the lead funnel.

3 main funnel types that are widely used are either to collect emails, sell your product, or hosting a webinar. And of course, for lead funnels, our goal will be collecting emails or other contacts.

3 main types of funnel goal

But wait, what is the difference from collect emails and selling products? Are our goal is to sell things and make money here? Yes and No.

The main target for the lead funnel is to collect emails only. And normally we’ll be using a 2 step funnel for this. On the first page, give them some lead magnet in exchange with their contact details, normally email addresses. But you can also add on different touchpoints like a phone number or FB messenger to get more chances to contact them. But don’t over request for this part, as some might turn you down if you’re asking for too many details. Then on the second page, just record a short video to tell them how to get the lead magnet and that’s all.

2 steps funnel

To learn more about lead funnels, you can get the book by Russell Brunson on lead funnels here. In this book, Russell released some exclusive tips and reviewed tonnes of different lead funnels so you can model them in your business.

3. How do lead funnels work?

There are a few important elements that determine the success of your lead funnels. First of all, your lead magnets. Your lead magnets need to be relevant to your business nature and interesting that they will yell a big YES to your lead magnet.

Then, in your landing page, you need to keep it simple, stupid. Your headline need to have curiosity and wow factor to keep your visitors interested to check out what you want to offer.

After you get their contact details, you want to set up an automated email series that welcomes them to your group and start building a relationship with them. For this, normally we will use a 5 days email series that linked together to provide values for them.

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How To Build Lead Funnels

We always use ClickFunnels to build all our funnels.

We love ClickFunnels due to its simplicity and drag & drop funnel builder features. It is optimized for online marketers. Not only the landing page and sales funnel building features are great, but the data tracking and analysis features are also more important to analyze your figure.

We had previously written a post on how to build a landing page for affiliate marketing. You can read more about it here. It’s a step-by-step guide to build a lead funnel from scratch that you can learn.

Lastly, if you haven’t got your ClickFunnels yet or haven’t heard about it yet. You can get 14-days free trial below to get started.

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