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The Best Autoresponders Reviewed – GetResponse

First of all, we need to know what is an Autoresponder and why is it important for online business. An autoresponder is a tool that will give a response once an action is triggered. For example, a welcome email is sent out as someone subscribes to your email list. Then, you will have some scheduled emails that are sent out at a certain point in time. But, what is GetResponse, and what it does?

Today we’ll be talking about one of the best autoresponders that we’re using. I had been using it for my online business to manage my email marketing campaigns. The tool is called GetResponse.

What is GetResponse

Being an autoresponder, Getresponse is having similar features to other autoresponders like MailChimp and Aweber for email marketing. It gives you the ability to create and manage autoresponders. In Getresponse, you can add a message to the autoresponder cycle. You can use existing newsletters, autoresponders, and drafts. You can also create a new autoresponder message from scratch. Not only that, one of the key features that Getresponse differs from others is the Automation Workflow.

The Automation WorkFlow Features

In the automation workflow, it’s able to show visually how the entire email marketing journey for your email cycle. You can create the journey for your email marketing when someone subscribed to your list. They’ll be first greeted with the welcome email series, and then your normal newsletter. Everything is automatic thanks to the Autoresponder. Not only that, but there are also different decision points included in it where your customers will have different journeys based on their open rate, link click, or YES/NO on your email.

GetResponse Marketing Automation For Your Online Business: Webinar Recap +  Recording
GetResponse WorkFlow Features

And, to change the process, you simply drag the elements into a new place and create new link between each step. By this, you can view the flow of your campaign easily on a single page. You’re able to optimize the flow when required.

Not only that, but Getresponse also comes with other features like newsletters and landing page building. As an autoresponder, I would say Getresponse is nearly perfect for email marketing campaigns and newsletters. However, for the landing page creation, I’ll still prefer ClickFunnels as my main funnel creating tools. Personally, I would prefer different tools to focus on their own key features to ease my work instead of using one tool with all features, but not all are good.

You can try out Getresponse with a 30-days free trial and see how it works on your own here. Try playing around with the workflow templates and I’m sure you’ll love it as we do as well. If you would need some idea of writing different email sequence. You can read more about the onboarding series here and the daily regular email here.

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