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Why Do You Need A Bridge Funnel?

First of all, what is a bridge funnel and why do you need one for your business. A bridge funnel is a pre-frame page where you explain what your visitors will be expecting to present in the next page before you send them to the sales page. For example, we always start with a squeeze page to collect their contact details for future follow up. And on the second page, after they submit their details, you don’t directly send them to your sales letter page.

This will be too obvious that you’re just trying to push them to make a purchase. But instead, between the lead page and sales page, you have a bridge page where you start providing value and tell them what to expect on the next page and why should they click on the button and flow down the funnel. The entire funnel shall look like this:

The Bridge Funnel
The Bridge Funnel

How To Use Bridge Funnel

Every business needs new leads or new customers to grow the business sustainably. And now, the trend is to move the business online and grow internationally. With the help of the internet, the world is just beyond clicks away. With correct targeting and ad strategy, you can tap into different traffic sources instantly. But, to make it work profitably will be the challenge. As there are so many people trying to make money online, we’re getting so many ads everyday. And with the increasing awareness of online scamming, people typically don’t trust spending money that much nowadays. From our experience, unless you’ve a very good irresistible offer, basically it takes up to 7 times before someone decided to make a purchase.

Therefore, it is very important to use a bridge funnel to collect their contact details so that we can warm them about our business before they make a purchase. Don’t mix up a bridge funnel with other sales funnel. Different step in our funnel has their own goal. For example, the goal for an ad is to get someone to click and go to your sales page. A squeeze page is to convince them to give you their contact details, bridge page to pre-frame for your next upcoming offer so they are aware of what they will be seeing next.

Email Sequence for Email Marketing

And of course, the follow up funnel is the most important one as now we’re monetizing the contact details, email lists that we build through the bridge funnel to convert. Do have a look at the daily Seinfeld Email Method and Soap Opera Sequence for how to write better email for email marketing. Soap Opera Sequence is effective for onboarding series, when someone give you their contact details, you will send them a 5 days email series to welcome them to your business and pursuade them to complete the purchase.

Daily Seinfeld Email method on the other hand, is a regular mail that you send out. It like a drama series that you’re looking for daily. It may not have very educational content, but it’s fun and relaxing. So you’ll be wanted to read more and more everyday. Of course, our goal here is to make money. So, in between the email, we’ll be slotting our offers inside so it will be invisible offer.

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